Visualize your F5 and Apps

This is a brand new visualization powered by Hu Yipeng (胡易鹏) .

By combining Prometheus+Elasticsearch+Grafana to build cool dashboards for F5 device status and business operation status.

  • Prometheus combined with snmp-exporter is used to monitor the running status of equipment
  • Elasticsearch combined with F5 HSL to display business operation status
  • Grafana is used for large-screen view display

you can see complete and detailed installation and configuration steps at here

Dashboard template name Grafana data source Function
F5 equipment status monitoring Prometheus Monitor F5 device hardware status
Container&Node performance monitoring Prometheus Monitor the host hardware status
HTTP business view display Elasticsearch-http Show F5 HTTP business status
Display of DNS resolution view Elasticsearch-dns Demonstrate F5 DNS service status
TCP-L4 delay view display Elasticsearch-tcp Demonstrate the status of F5 L4 business chain building
Security protection situation view display Elasticsearch-asm Show F5 Awaf security protection posture

Visual display effect of DNS resolution:


HTTP access visualization effect:


TCP connection delay display effect:


Display effect of security protection situation:


Host indicator monitoring display effect:


Display effect of container monitoring indicators: