Nodejs Honeypot

Nodejs Honeypot

Nodejs Honeypot contains programming scripts, code that can be addon BIG-IP to provide low-interaction and high-interraction Honeypot.

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What’s Nodejs Honeypot?

VS with iRule/iRuleLX as Honeypot, implemented by programming Scripts adapted with F5 HW/SW flexibly Adjustable at any time. Low Interaction Honeypot build by iRule, which can provide TCP Honeypot, HTTP Honeypot, Web Honeypot, etc; High Interaction Honeypot build by iRuleLX(Nodejs), which can provide high mutiple interaction web Honeypot.

Key Advantages of Programming Honeypot

  • The number of Honeypots: Base on ADC platform and its VS Programming interface(iRules/iRulesLX ), One Platform can create large number of Honeypots(600 - 1000)
  • Time to provision: Compare with commercial honeypot two devices architecture, F5 Honeypot only one device, easy to deploy, easy to provision, easy to maintaining
  • More security: F5 Honeypot is network honeypot, no dummy application exist, more security.(防逃逸)
  • Low Interaction Honeypot: With F5 programming abilities, easy to create TCP honeypot, UDP Honeypot, HTTP Honeypot
  • Invest Cost: Due to single device architecture, Low Investment can get more benefits
  • Easy to adapted with different network: F5 is a L4 device, but has L3/L2 Capabilities
  • Easy to integrate with Security Products: Can create VS Honeypot on F5 AWAF